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Food Alliance Certification
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The Food Alliance provides comprehensive third-party certification for social and environmental responsibility in agriculture and the food industry. The Food Alliance works to promote sustainability in all food and agricultural production by sharing best practice and information, as well as certifying producers who meet criteria of sustainability established by the Food Alliance, and performing third party audits of its members.

Today, there are more than 320 Food Alliance Certified operations, and over six million acres managed by Food Alliance Certified producers throughout North America.

Food Alliance Certified products include meats, eggs, dairy, mushrooms, grains, legumes, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and prepared products made with these certified ingredients.

With clear standards and criteria, Food Alliance certification is a practical, credible, and effective way for farmers, ranchers, and food companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in agricultural practices and facilities management. Self-described as:

“Food Alliance works at the juncture of science, business and values to define and promote sustainability in agriculture and the food industry, and to ensure safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals, and careful stewardship of ecosystems.”

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