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U.S. Foodservice, Inc.
Postage Metering Equipment and Services 

Survey Questions

USF Division: (Select One)

USF Division Contact Name:

USF Division Contact E-mail:

USF Division Contact Phone number:

Do you currently use a postage meter?

What manufacturer of Postage Machine is currently in use?

Provide the model number, meter number or product ID of the postage meter.

Provide the serial number of the postage meter.

Is the Postage Machine purchased or leased?

If purchased, provide the purchase cost.

If leased, provide the lease cost.

If leased, at what point in the term of the lease are you?

About how many letters and packages do you mail per day?

How much do you typically spend per month on postage?

Will you need a postage scale with your machine?

Which of these additional features do you require?

Do you need to print shipping labels or postage for packages? (Ability to print indicia directly on the package)

How do you presently prepare your USPS mail?

Do you use a pre-sort service?

What is the percentage of the following USPS mail types that you send:


Packages Small

Packages Large


On an average, how many man hours are dedicated to applying USPS postage and sending it out?

If using a postage meter, how do you purchase postage?